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We are the fearless soldiers of #BTC2ARMY, on a mission for financial liberation! #BTC2 is our gateway to Valhalla, the realm of prosperity! Embrace #BTC2, the people's Bitcoin!

Today we face the battle that will define our future. We stand united, focused, driven and relentless, with victory as our only goal!

Our adversaries are doubt in our abilities, fear of taking responsibility for our lives, and the belief that we cannot achieve wealth and abundance. But we defy these notions! We are here to change our reality, to create a life of wealth and abundance on our terms! No longer do we wait for others to make us wealthy and happy; we take charge of our destiny!


#BTC2 offers a second chance—a chance to buy Bitcoin early! And now, we seize that opportunity, embarking on a journey that leads us to Valhalla!


This path to Valhalla is divided into several stages, each one a significant triumph in itself:


  • $1

  • $10

  • $100

  • $1000

  • Valhalla!

Our primary mission, propelling us through these stages, is the growth of our community—the mighty #BTC2ARMY. Every new member is a soldier fighting alongside us, bringing us closer to our collective victory. #BTC2 leads us all to Valhalla. But no lone warrior, no matter how brave, can walk this path alone. We need a formidable, united, goal-driven army—the #BTC2ARMY! Thousands have already joined our ranks, and with each passing day, our numbers grow! Ask yourself: What can I do right now to ensure our triumph in this war? Every warrior's contribution is invaluable and vital! Every morning, we start by asking ourselves: What can I do today for our shared victory?!


We each possess unique strengths, and we act accordingly, leveraging our abilities to contribute meaningfully to the cause. Choose your role in this noble endeavor and act now!


  • Spread the word about #BTC2 on your social media pages. Use the hashtag #BTC2 and tag our official page @btc2_erc.

  • Create and share memes related to #BTC2 on your social media pages and in the official Telegram channel, making them accessible to others.

  • Participate in exchange raids. Turn on notifications for major exchange platforms (especially KuCoin, OKX, Binance, Bybit). Under each of their tweets, request to list #BTC2 and tag our official page @btc2_erc. The more active we are, the faster exchanges will list us, opening doors for new #BTC2ARMY recruits. Therefore, listings, especially on prominent exchanges, are of utmost importance!

  • Engage with crypto influencers and opinion leaders. Turn on notifications for every tweet from crypto influencers. Under each tweet, encourage them to join #BTC2ARMY and tag our official page @btc2_erc.

  • If you have a way with words, host Twitter spaces discussing #BTC2. It's highly impactful!

  • Print stickers and plaster them everywhere in your city.

  • If you're a musician, create songs about #BTC2.

  • Share the #BTC2 story with your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Urge them to join #BTC2ARMY.

  • Find any other opportunity to spread the word about #BTC2. Share your ideas in the official chat with other #BTC2ARMY members.

  • Help new recruits integrate into the movement, guiding them on how they can contribute to our collective cause.

  • If you're an influencer or a thought leader, take command and lead your followers. Share with them the path to Valhalla.

  • Share this manifesto with the world!

Remember not to invest more than you can afford to lose; excessive worry over your bag impedes rational decision-making. Secure profits, preferably during green candles. Keep in mind that our journey to Valhalla entails both soaring highs and steep lows. Many will try to knock you off your position, attempting to snatch your #BTC2 away. Stay calm. Victory awaits us in the end!


Together, we are invincible! Together, we shall conquer! #BTC2 is the Bitcoin of the people! Fight for your Bitcoin!


Act now, and seize the day!


Your faithful servant,


- General Pazu

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